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Dry film lubricant ?

Dry film lubricant is a functional paint with solid lubricant and special filer dispersed in resin liquid, and its film is exceeding in sliding, waterproofing, abrasion-resisting, incohesive, corrosion-resisting, chemical-resisting. And also according to requested performance, it is possible to add other variety of functions.

Composition of dry film lubricant

ㆍResin : epoxy resin, phenol resin, urethane resin,
   silicon resin
ㆍPaints : PTFE, graphite, molybdenum disulfide
ㆍaddition agent : dispersing agent, precipitation prevention
  agent, repelling agent
ㆍSolvent : MEK, Toluene, Xylene, Ethyl acetate, NMP
: Molybdenum disulfide
: Graphite

1. Autopart

• Engine : piston, gasket in cylinder head, piston ring, engine control part.
• Driving and Transmission : uniform velocity, free foil halve.
• Braking : suspension part, oil seal.
• Body : window regulator, door lock, power seat, door check, weather strip, glass run, wiper blade, etc.

2. OA machine

• printer : development roller, tension roller, electric prevention roller, driving roller, cleaning blade.
• Electric part : air conditioner, washing machine, electron range, linking instrumental, packing, sealing, etc.
• Construction : chloridation vinyl pipe in sewerage or drainage, dust collection part in building.

3. Camera

Shutter wing, shutter frame, Zoom mirror,
ring for shielding the light.

4. Audio system

CD deck, video deck, CD changer parts solenoid,
interior and exterior parts.

5. Sports

Snow board parts, Ski part, head grip in golf.

6. Etc.

System kitchen, ventilating fan, fan hood in ventilating.
packing and o-ring in bathroom, bidet.