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Graphite Coating Wiper Blades


ㆍMain ingredients
: PTFE, Graphite, Silicon Rubber, Urethane resin
1. Excellent in Sliding ability and Durability.
2. Secure good eyesight because it is excellent in wiping ability.
3. Excellent in sliding ability and prevent the tremor and nose.
4. Lessen the nose of reverse turn of wiper.
5. The product is made of 2 liquid ebonite type. Excellent in durability.
6. Excellent in Cold and Heat resistance, prevent the adherence with glass.
7. Can be used for water repellent glass and normal glass both.
8. The water-repellent layer of water-repellent glass extend the life of product.
<Graphite Coating Wiper Blade>
This product developed as it performs as good for the water-repellent glass, which has high frictional power as normal glasses. Have and excellent sliding ability, excellent anti-abrasion and durability and produce little noise. Though it’s normal that washes the one’s car by automatic washing and wax machine, when it washes a car, the wax is coherent to the glasses and the glasses would be in status as same as water- repellent glasses. By influence of Wax, the friction of surface of glasses goes up and incurs tremor. But this product perform normally.
As normal, the wipers incur tremor and produce noses by various situations but this product solved those problems and prevents various dangerous operating statuses.
result from the comparison test with other company and the compared product is graphite line coated one of competitor B.O
<Main ingredients>
: Graphite
: Silicon Rubber