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Chemical for Automobile

Chemical Products



1. Functional lubr icants such as water repellency, electricity, lubricity, electronic insulation, and conductivity functions.
2. Automotive chemicals such as wax, detergent, compound.
3. Development of customized coating technology and coating machine.

Engine spray

Spray in engine.
No use diesel engine.


Rapidly recover engine condition to taking off sludge or carbon in injection and ignition room.
No use in diesel.
Every 8,000˜10,000km can be injected.

Engine room cleaner

Foam type powerful cleaner to remove oil dust or grease in outside engine and etc.

Body cleaner

Waterborne type body cleaner to dissolve oil dust or grease based on powerful chemical reaction.

Body cleaner WAX

Dissolve scaly inside engine with powerful chemical reaction and to give PTFE coating with cleaning inside.
Effectively three months Cleaning discale and protective coating into the body.
Effective one month.

Seat and mat cleaner

Powerful cleaner by spray type cleaner plus blushing into full and recess place to recover original
feel and to give rostellum and anti-bacteria with mint smell.

Tire wax

Powerful spray in bubble with rapid time to finish without spot and stain Give luster and shine.
Silicone type.

Tire wax

Polyurethane type in spray. Give excellent durability and recover black color in spray.
Penetrate in type to fill up the crack.

Glass coating

Very new style and technology glass coating Easy to wash out blurs and stains.

Glass coating

Give very long durability.
Keep powerful substrates against friction, detergent from PTFE based coating.

Water repellent coating in mirror

No water in mirror due to very high technology (PTFE and nano tech.).
Very clean transparency and wide field of view.

Washer liquid

No freeze in lower than minus 30℃.

Protective coating

Protect the body from rain and dust from PTFE polymer coating in wax.
Effective one year over.


Recover the hurt into the body with compound.

Liquid compound

To finish the recover the body in compound.

Deodorant in airconditioner

To perfectly remove the smells(smoke / mold / stench) with this spray.