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Our products, not only general glasses, but especially waterproof glasses show great slide driving and endurance in glass state and are applied to automobile manufacturers and automobile supplies manufacturer.
ㆍMain components
: PTFE, Graphite, silicon, rubber, urethane resin
1. Outstanding moist-resistant endurance.
2. Outstanding eradication and it is easier to secure vision.
3. Outstanding slide and it prevents trembling and connecting.
4. Reversing sounds of wipers are reduced.
5. Outstanding endurance due to 2 liquid cementatio type.
6. Outstanding cold-resistant, heat-resistant and adhesion with glass is prevented.
7. It could be applied both waterproof glass and general glass.
8. Waterproofed glass can elongate the endurance of waterproof films.
The following is simple comparison. The compared product is graphite product of Competitor B.O


Product of our company shows outstanding moist-condition movement when other coating agents did not operate such as high pressures, and simultaneously shows low-temperature and high-temperature sticking prevention and is a unprecedented coating agent. Also, our product shows outstanding prevention of low-temperature and high-temperature sticking and applied for reduction of opening and closing forces.
ㆍMain Components
: PTFE, Graphite, silicon resin
1. Prevention of connection.
2. Prevention of sticking under low and high temperatures.
3. Shows outstanding sliding under severe conditions(dust, high-temperature, low-temperature).
4. Great in endurance
5. Low friction coefficient.
6. 1 coat type which does not require primer.


Our product is a new type of coating agent which shows high-endurance, and outstanding prevention of sticking in low-temperature and high-temperature.
ㆍMain Components
: PTFE, Graphite, silicon, urethane resin
1. Prevention of connection.
2. Prevention of sticking under low and high
3. Shows outstanding sliding under severe
    conditions(dust, high-temperature,
4. Great in endurance
5. Low friction coefficient.
The comparison of performance is between products of domestic companies JIN YOUNG and HWASUNG which uses domestic coating agents. (Comparison of products at March, 2001)
Testing materials of HYUNDAI research center
  Continuous endurance test test endurance test resistant(unclear)
NAOTECH 50,000 5,000 0.1Kgf
J. Y 25,000 3,000 0.1Kgf
H.S 30,000 3,000 unclear