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  • Address : 70 BL/8 LOT Industrial Area, Go-Zan dong 639-9, Nam-Dong gu, Incheon Republic of Korea
  • Established : October 2000
  • Lines of Business :
    1. 1. Manufactures and sales of functional paints such as lubrication, waterproof,
         corrosion-resisting, electric conductivity, smokeless.
    2. 2. Manufacture and sales of chemical products for automobiles such as wax detergents
    3. 3. Imports and sales of automobile supplies.


We aim for performance, quality,
And price that the customers can
satisfy on by ceaseless


  • NAOTECH thinks of safety, quality, and the environment.
  • NAOTECH rapidly and faithfully reply to the requests of the customer.
  • We abide the law with high ethics.
  • We always centralize research and development to improve technology.